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A discreet and painless action to support your success

Online tipping is a private, discreet and painless action for customers. It's time to release this opportunity for them! Right after checkout, your customers land on this page, customized according to the typographic and color settings of your store checkout. They are given the option to leave you a tip of their choice, both in interest and amount!

After payment, customers feel reassured and satisfied :)

They truly feel free from all the constraints of infos to mention at checkout and are psychologically in a state of relaxation, even euphoria! It is at this moment that they are most incline to tip.

Online tipping, made easier, exciting and incentive

The higher the amount, the more "elaborate", "festive" and "thankful" the visual on the left side of the tipping page will be: online donations have never been easier and more fun!

After every purchase, an emotional reality

When your customers make a purchase, there is always a feeling that is close to their hearts regarding your store and what they just bought. With this plug-in, they will have the opportunity to express it to you, to varying degrees according to their preference, and that is more than enriching for you!

An extra that brings joy, without spending any extra penny

This extra tip amount inevitably boosts your average order value, all without spending an extra penny on advertising or acquisition costs, and most importantly, without necessarily increasing your store traffic!

Discover the source of generosity of your customers

Imagine that behind every tip, the pépiteurs app reveals a wealth of qualitative information that you couldn't expect without seeing it for yourself, and in addition to that, will simply further enrich your average order value :)

Stay connected in real-time with your customers

Stay connected at all times with your customers, without paying for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) campaigns. Retrieve unexpected digital insights that you couldn't anticipate without reading them!

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