Cookies Policy

1. Parties and Consent

 1.1 THE PÉPITEURS Services are published by THE PÉPITEURS Company.

THE PEPITEURS, is a simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of €2,000.00, registered with the Toulouse Trade and Companies Register under number 904 203 882, having its registered office at ROUTE DE PRÉSERVILLE 31450 ODARS, represented by Mr. Lionel PRADEAU manager, and duly authorized for this purpose.

THE PÉPITEURS is Data Controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulations, with regard to the collection and processing of personal data.

1.2 The User declares to have the capacity and the necessary authorizations to give his consent.

The category of persons concerned by the collection and processing of personal data by THE PÉPITEURS are the Users of the THE PÉPITEURS application.

1.3 This Cookies Policy may be modified at any time by THE PÉPITEURS, according to the changes made, in particular in order to comply with any regulatory changes. The latest version of the Cookies Policy will be the one that will apply in the event of a dispute. It is advisable to refer, before any navigation, to the latest version of the Cookies Policy accessible on the Application.

1.4 Terms of digital consent

The User declares to accept without restriction or reservation this Cookies Policy before being able to access the Services, by activating the related functionality on the Application.

You can change your consent at any time.

2. Purpose

2.1 Fields of application

“Cookies” or “Tracers” are files containing small amounts of information that are stored when the Application is displayed on a terminal such as a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device allowing the consultation of the Internet thanks to a navigation software, by a User.

The implementation of Cookies has the effect of collecting data, some of which is personal, such as the name, address, browsing history, or IP address of the User.

However, Cookies do not allow the direct identification of the User but the one of the terminal used.

3. Digital consent to the implementation of cookies

3.1 THE PÉPITEURS informs the User of the number of Cookies, of their functionalities by means of a banner on the sidelines of the Application.

3.2 The User accepts without reservation or restriction this Cookies Policy and the use of Cookies when browsing the Application by clicking on the related buttons on the Application.

The User is informed that the expression of his consent or his refusal to the use of Cookies can only be made by means of the space reserved for this purpose on the Application.

3.3 Continued navigation does not constitute acceptance of the use of Cookies.

The User acknowledges that the internal navigation of the Application refers, by means of hypertext links, to this Policy as soon as the navigation on the Application is activated, excluding any connection to the Application.

The User accepts without restriction or reservation the use of Cookies and the Cookies Policy.

3.4 The User is informed that the Application offers him specific access to a space reserved for Cookies, configurable, by means of which he can exercise his rights: grant, refuse, withdraw consent to the implementation of Cookies by means of related buttons and configure their functions.

The User is solely responsible for the configuration of his choices for storing Cookies on his terminal.

4. Terms of refusal or withdrawal of consent

In case of refusal by the User of the registration of Cookies on his terminal, or of their deletion, or of the withdrawal of the authorization he has granted, the navigation of the Application will be altered.

THE PÉPITEURS informs the User that certain navigation features or the Services offered could thus present malfunctions.

THE PÉPITEURS is exonerated from any responsibility in the event of malfunction of the Services of THE PÉPITEURS due to the impossibility for the Application to record or consult the Cookies necessary for its proper functioning.

5. Cookie management

The Cookies issued are used for the purposes described below, subject to the User’s consent and their choices resulting from the settings of the browser software used.

The management of Cookies and the configuration choices of each browser may vary. To do this, the User has the option of going to the “Help” menu of the browser concerned and making the changes he wishes in relation to Cookies.

Please note, if all the Cookies relating to the Application and stored within the terminal are deleted, THE PÉPITEURS will no longer be able to determine which consent or refusal has been issued by the User. The User must therefore again express his agreement to the downloading of Cookies.     

Similarly, if the User connects to the Application with another Internet browser, he will again have to express his choices regarding Cookies.    

6. Duration of consent

The User’s consent is obtained at the time of the first download of the Application page.


The period of validity of the User’s consent is a maximum of thirteen (13) months for each Cookie.


At the end of this period, Cookies are deactivated. The duration of the consent cannot be extended implicitly.


Thus, at the end of this thirteen (13) month period, the User must renew his consent to the implementation of Cookies on his terminal.  

7. Cookies edited by the pépiteurs

The Application Publisher informs the User of all the Cookies that may be installed on his terminal.

7.1 Technical Cookies: Session Cookies

The Application uses session Cookies in order to track the use made of the Application during a single browsing session, and to help the User navigate through it more easily. These operating Cookies guarantee the proper functioning of the Application and allow its optimization.

They are essential for browsing and accessing the Application. They are therefore still active. The Application cannot function properly without these Cookies.

This type of Cookie is technical. It stops working when the user session is closed and therefore does not require authorization from the User.

Cookies collected are not transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those set out above.

7.2 Cookies for analysis, measurement and audience segmentation

The Application may use “Analytics” Cookies to determine the relevance of the tip allocation made during navigation.

They also make it possible to detect problems related to navigation and are intended to produce anonymous statistics, traffic volumes and improve the Services of the Application.

“Analytics” type Cookies are used by e-merchants who offer the services of the Application in order to analyze the statistics of tips paid with regard to the products consulted or purchased by their customers.

In case of refusal in the use of this type of Cookies, please click on one of the following links to deactivate them from the Application:

The User is informed that in the event of deactivation of these on the Application, THE PÉPITEURS would not be able to provide Services adapted to the navigation made on the Application.

8. Third-party cookies

THE PÉPITEURS Application may use Third-Party Cookies, defined as “off-site” or “third-party” Cookies which are installed and managed on the User’s terminal by a third-party partner of THE PÉPITEURS, for the purpose of to improve the quality or operation of the Services offered.

The User will always retain the possibility of refusing or modifying the Cookies saved or allowing the proper functioning of the Services, by clicking here (link to the Cookie settings).

9. Liability

THE PÉPITEURS has no control over the process used by the partners and subcontractors to collect information relating to the User’s browsing on the THE PÉPITEURS Application and associate it with the personal data they have.

As THE PÉPITEURS is not the recipient of the data processed by partners and subcontractors, and has no control over the collection and processing of personal data, THE PÉPITEURS declines all responsibility in this regard.

10. Agreement of proof

In addition to the legal provisions recognizing the probative value of electronic writing, the User acknowledges the validity and probative force of the click activating the buttons present on the Application, or on one of its windows including pop-ups, e-mails, SMS, as well as any electronic or digital recordings, and is informed that they may be kept as authentic evidence by THE PÉPITEURS.

The User having accepted the Cookies Policy, and the installation of Audience Cookies, accepts that these will serve as extrinsic proof, having probative force, of his use of the Services of the Application, in the event of a dispute.

11. More information

11.1 For any question relating to this Cookies Policy or for any request relating to your personal data, the User can contact us by sending an e-mail to the address:

11.2 In order to fully dispose of its rights, THE PÉPITEURS invites its Users to consult the CNIL Application at the following address, which provides a video on Cookies: